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05 July 2007 @ 10:24 pm
Challenge 16  
For Challenge 16 we are going to be working with Hi-Def screencaps as usual. There are six screencaps, all of them are from the episode..."Second City". View at your own risk if you have not seen this episode .

Please follow the instructions under the cut.


You may make up to 3 icons. Please use only the images provided. Please DO NOT mix the images. No Animation. You may use any text, brushes, gradients, textures, etc. that you like. Your icons MUST be new. Please DO NOT use old icons. Please do not post your icons anywhere until voting is over. Please review the USER INFO for more information.

Click on the thumbnail to see the much larger screencap

Credit for screencaps in my Resources Entry

Please post your icons in a comment to this entry. Like this:

Banner = yes or no (pick one)


Please include your icons and the url to your icons. If you have any questions please ask. I will be happy to help you.

Entries are due Friday, July 13th at 9:00 PM CST, 10:00 PM EST
The World Clock

Comments are screened.

After this challenge we will have gone through all the episodes for season 1 of The Dresden Files. For the next challenge I have an idea for something different I think you will all have fun with.

Thanks everyone! :)